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I sing and stuff

About Me

★ I'm Kuri, your friendly neighborhood ryouseirui vtuber!
★ Mix commissions are ALWAYS open
★ I have two YT channels, one for my singing and one for misc. things.
★ Fluent in English, barely functional in Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Japanese
★ I'm 18+
★ Megurine Luka is my god


I'm always interested! Contact me on twitter or discord
Music composition or writing: dm me and I will provide samples
Singing, Mixing: (below, also check out my YouTube channel)


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Kuri is my son, my sunshine boy. I love him.
There is a slightly confusing distinction between Kuri(me) and Kuri(my son). He represents my brand (and is my vtuber persona) but he's not me.
He uses he/him while I use she/he/they.

Mixing Commissions - OPEN

TV Size [2min or less] - $10
Full Size [>2min] - $20
TV Size [2min or less] - $20
Full Size [>2min] - $30
Full Package
TV Size [2min or less] - $25
Full Size [>2min] - $40
Artificial Harmonies
$5 per harmony track
• All prices in USD
• Long songs (>5min may have an additional fee)
• Every additional singer adds $45, I typically do not accept mixes of more than 4 people [contact me for that]
• This price is for 5 tracks. Additional tracks +$5 per. (This rate is PER SINGER. ie a duet can have up to 10 tracks at no extra price)
• If you want special fx like glitches etc., contact me for a price quote
• Every commission comes with 2 revisions. If it is a mistake on my end, I will fix it at no cost.
• Commercial use is x2 price
• Dedicated repeat customers get discounts, the amount discounted depends on the service. Contact me for details
• An order with a due date of less than or equal to 2 weeks will be subject to a rush fee, the exact fee will depend on many factors, contact for a quote.
Terms and Conditions
• I have the right to decline any commission for any reason
• I must be credited as the mixer with a LINK to my YouTube (preferred) or Twitter (less preferred)
• Files must be in .mp3 or .wav (exception for instrumentals) AND BE IN MONO [if you do not understand what this means, please contact me :D]
• For mixes, YOU MUST PROVIDE THE INSTRUMENTAL AND A REFERENCE (ex: original song link and instrumental file)
• Separate all overlapping vocals
• All payments will be made through Paypal invoice
• Payments are made 50% upfront, 50% after hearing the final product, you may also pay full upfront (customer choice between the two)
• All commissions are for personal (non-commercial) use unless the commercial use fee is paid [Personal use includes posting a song on YouTube but does not include rights to publish a song on Spotify]
• Refunds may be requested. If I have not started at all, you will be refunded 90%. If I have started, but am not close to completion, you will be refunded 50%. If I am almost done, you will be refunded 10%. If I have finished, a refund will not be given for any reason. Any attempt to chargeback or avoid paying for finished work will result in me blacklisting you
• If I cannot finish your commission, you will be refunded in full. You may also choose to ask for a full refund if I take longer than 2 months to finish a mix.
• You may ask for WIPs at any time, but please do not rush me. I have a life, please respect that
Contact me through Discord (@Cryptix#2910) or Twitter (@kuricovers) with a description of your project for a quote